The overall aim of the journal is to foster valuable conversations in the new transdisciplinary and emerging field of valuation studies. Valuation here denotes any social practice where the value or values of something is established, assessed, negotiated, provoked, maintained, constructed and/or contested. To this end the journal welcomes contributions of different kinds and origins. Apart from traditional journal articles, the journal welcomes short opinion pieces or research notes, interviews, staged debates, or indeed longer than normal journal articles.

The journal assesses incoming manuscripts using double-blind peer review involving at least two reviewers. Accepted manuscripts are published as PDFs with full open access and authors retain the copyright to their work.

Editorial functions

Editorial Board

The current members of the standing editorial board of Valuation Studies are:

The editors-in-chief are Claes-Fredrik Helgesson and Fabian Muniesa

The editorial board is the core centre for editorial governance of Valuation Studies. The editors-in-chief act in a supervisory capacity. As a collective, the editorial board regularly discusses topics of import to the development of the journal such as the proposals for special issues. The handling editor for a submitted manuscript is selected among the members of the editorial board who then handles the continuous correspondence with the corresponding author and the selection of and correspondence with reviewers (minimum of two are chosen for each manuscript sent out for review). Other members of the editorial board as well as the board in its entirety are consulted in the process of individual manuscripts when needed. The handling editor is empowered in making decisions on how to proceed with manuscripts, yet decisions of final acceptance of a submission is always formally done jointly by the editors-in-chief.

The editorial board and its members take pride in displaying integrity and respect when taking and communicating editorial decisions. This further means an ambition to keep reviewers informed about the progress of manuscripts and what is communicated in the editorial letters to the author(s). Valuation is work and it is recognised that this work needs to be done with care.

Editorial office

The editorial office is based at Linköping University and consist currently of editor-in-chief Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, head of editorial office Lotta Björklund Larsen and editorial assistant Amelia Mutter.

Advisory Board

The advisory board is a central sounding board of scholars committed to participate in shaping the journal. Members of the advisory board are expected to solicit valuable contributions to the journal as well as to regularly act as a reviewer.

Members of the advisory board:

Governing principles

The following guiding principles are set out to assist in achieving the journal's overall aim:

  1. The journal shall be governed in such a way that different parties can participate in shaping the endeavour while retaining a clear definition over who is responsible for what.
  2. The work with the journal has to be kept at a manageable size for all involved parties since almost all work is done as a free community service.
  3. There shall be clear expectations on what the different parties will contribute to the endeavour.
  4. The journal shall be operated in such a way that it is able to accommodate initiatives that might not fit other more traditional journal outlets.

Journal funding

The journal is operated with some financial support for the editorial office in the form of a grant from The Swedish Research Council. Contributing authors are not charged any processing fees, but are asked to themselves serve that final manuscripts need only limited copy-editing.

Digital archiving

All published material is stored in a legal electronic deposit at the National Library of Sweden.


Authors retain the copyright to their contributions.


Valuation Studies is indexed at EBSCO (Academic Search Premier) from 2015 and at DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). The editorial office disseminates together with LiU e-press information about the journal widely. Measures are also taken to make the journal part of major indexing services like: Scopus, Jstor, and ISI.


Editors: editors@valuationstudies.liu.se
Other questions: office@valuationstudies.liu.se

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