Acknowledgment of reviewers 2012-2014

Valuation Studies would like to thank the following people who have served as anonymous reviewers for the journal since the submission of the first papers in June 2012: Patrik Aspers, Ivar Björklund, Erik Bohlin, Joe Deville, Liliana Doganova*, Rebecca Empson, Karin Fernler, Fabian Frenzel, Susi Geiger, Catherine Grandclement, Antoine Hennion, Marta Herrero, Petter Holm, Tone Huse, Douglas Holmes, Isabelle Huault, Silvia Jordan, Hans Kjellberg * , Ann-Christina Lange, Eva Lövbrand, Alexandre Mallard*, Bill Maurer, Andrea Mennicken*, Liz Moor, Tiago Moreira, Horacio Ortiz, Trine Pallesen, Nikiforos Panourgias, Neil Pollock, Philip Roscoe, Michael Sauder, Ebba Sjögren*, Jesper Strandgaard, Kjell Tryggestad, Zsuzsanna Vargha, Hendrik Vollmer, Linda Wedlin, Steve Woolgar, Malte Ziewitz

* These scholars acted as external reviewers before they in the autumn 2014 became part of the new and extended board of editors.

Review process

The review workflow is specifically catered to deal with both contributions that warrant a traditional double blind review and contributions that require an editorial process relying on open commenting (such as in the case of interviews). In the latter case, a member of the advisory board can take on a direct editorial role reviewing and communicating directly with the contributor(s).

Become a reviewer

The reviewers provide advice to the editors for their editorial decisions as well as comments that can help the contributing author(s) develop their contributions. The reviewers perform in these respects valuable services to the journal and are treated thereafter.

Please contact if you are interested in becoming a reviewer, indicating your fields of interest and reviewer experience.