Article | Valuation Studies | From Valuation to Instauration: On the Double Pluralism of Values

From Valuation to Instauration: On the Double Pluralism of Values
Antoine Hennion: MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University - CSI - Centre de sociologie de l’innovation, France
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At the request of Valuation Studies, Antoine Hennion reflects on his own investigative trajectory as a way to explore the ways in which the sociology of attachment, which lies at the heart of his pragmatist approach, can refine our understanding of a number of recurring problems with which the sociology of valuation is confronted.
Attachment; value; constructivism; amateurs; pragmatism; James; Latour; Souriau
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Volume 5, Issue: 1, Article 5, 2017

Antoine Hennion
From Valuation to Instauration: On the Double Pluralism of Values:

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Volume 5, Issue: 1, Article 5, 2017

Antoine Hennion
From Valuation to Instauration: On the Double Pluralism of Values:
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