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We are delighted to announce issue 3(1) of Valuation Studies! This issue contains four items:

• The opening editorial note is by Andrea Mennicken and Ebba Sjögren, who are both members of the editorial board. In the note titled “Valuation and Calculation at the Margins” they explore links, common interests and links between valuation studies and the more seasoned field of social studies of accounting. In this, they insist on the fruitfulness to attend to attend to the margins of accounting and valuation practice.
• In “Of Principle and Principal” Emily Barman examines the efforts to create a market for so called impact investing, that is, an investment market where there is an expectation of social or environmental impact alongside financial return. She takes this as a case of market design where advocates developed a valuation infrastructure aimed to facilitate for investors to ascertain the social and environmental value of an investment.
• In “Ineffable Cultures or Material Devices” Teun Zuiderent-Jerak and Stans van Egmond take on the debate as to whether it is culture or valuation devices that shape valuation practices. Aiming to avoid an endless replay of previous materiality vs culture debates, the paper sets out to analyze the puzzling case of the demise of solidarity as a core value within the recent Dutch health care system of regulated competition. Whereas “solidarity” was both a strong cultural value, and a value built into the market devices, it shortly became of lesser importance than “competition”.
• The concluding contribution “Grappling with the Economy of Enrichment” is by Luc Boltanski and Arnaud Esquerre. In conversation with Fabian Muniesa they unravelled a few of the distinguishing features of their new work on the sociology of valuation. This new work combines an updated view on the pragmatics of justification and a more recent preoccupation with the problem of prices, and it appears as both a suitable contribution and a timely challenge to current threads in valuation studies.

Valuation Studies is committed to foster valuable conversations in the new transdisciplinary and emerging field of valuation studies. Valuation here denotes any social practice where the value or values of something is established, assessed, negotiated, provoked, maintained, constructed and/or contested. The journal provides a space for the assessment and diffusion of research that is produced at the interface of a variety of approaches from several disciplines, including: sociology, economic sociology, science and technology studies, management and organisation studies, social and cultural anthropology, market studies, institutional perspectives in economics, accounting studies, cultural geography, philosophy, and literary studies. The first issues of Valuation Studies were published in 2013 and all previous issues are available here.

Valuation Studies is a proud member of the open access initiative Libraria that research cooperative alternatives in academic publishing. The publication of Valuation Studies is done with support from The Swedish Research Council. Valuation Studies is recognised as a scholarly publication channel in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.

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