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We are happy to announce the publication of 5(1) of Valuation Studies! The issue contains five items:

• In the opening editorial, the editors Claes-Fredrik Helgesson and Fabian Muniesa alongside Monika Krause reflect on recent discussions from a series of conference sessions in Copenhagen on ‘the politics of valuation’ that also intermittently turned into a conversation on ‘the politics of valuation studies’.
• In “Measuring Welfare beyond GDP” Christopher Kullenberg and Gustaf Nelhans analyse a series of negotiations on how to measure welfare and quality of life in Sweden beyond economic indicators. This text takes them through a number of discussions from 1968 to 2015 about ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ indicators.
• Aurora Fredriksen explores how the rise of new markets for valuing biodiversity has been facilitated by existing, non-market-based valuation practices in “Valuing Species”. Where others have considered biodiversity markets in terms of capitalist and/or neoliberal expansion, Fredriksen argues that the abstraction of the value of living things in markets is made easier by the existing valuation practices of species-based biodiversity conservation.
• In “Watching Valuation Coevolve with Production” Christopher Leary explores editors' shifting valuation practices depending on the stage of anthology construction. The contribution further describes the complex relationship between editors’ valuation and writers’ production where valuation trends became known to writers, who then shifted their production practices, which became known to editors, who then shifted their editorial practices, which became known to writers, and so on.
• The issue is concluded with “Valuation to Instauration” where Antoine Hennion reflects on his own investigative trajectory as a way to explore the ways in which the sociology of attachment, which lies at the heart of his pragmatist approach, can refine our understanding of a number of recurring problems with which the sociology of valuation is confronted.

Valuation Studies is committed to foster valuable conversations in the new transdisciplinary and emerging field of valuation studies. Valuation here denotes any social practice where the value or values of something is established, assessed, negotiated, provoked, maintained, constructed and/or contested. The journal provides a space for the assessment and diffusion of research that is produced at the interface of a variety of approaches from several disciplines, including: sociology, economic sociology, science and technology studies, management and organisation studies, social and cultural anthropology, market studies, institutional perspectives in economics, accounting studies, cultural geography, philosophy, and literary studies. The first issues of Valuation Studies were published in 2013 and all previous issues are available here.

Valuation Studies is a proud member of the open access initiative Libraria that research cooperative alternatives in academic publishing. The publication of Valuation Studies is done with support from The Swedish Research Council. Valuation Studies is recognised as a scholarly publication channel in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.

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