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Issue 3(2) of Valuation Studies is out! It is a special issue titled ‘Valuing Tourism’ guest edited by Carina Ren, Morten Krogh Petersen and Dianne Dredge. The issue contains five items:

• In the opening editorial, the guest editors discuss the possibilities emerging from cross-fertilising the fields of valuation studies and tourism studies. They propose that taking “an agnostic and performative approach to how value and values are enacted into being and ordered in tourism challenges current managerial preoccupations with, and critical concerns over, the worth of tourism.”
• Morten Krogh Petersen and Carina Ren examines the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen as a “potlatch” to explore the valuations and values related to the event. In “Much More than a Song Contest”, they argue that a more caring engagement enacts non-economic event outcomes usually made invisible or, at best, perceived as “intangible.”
• In “‘Tourist Price’ and Diasporic Visitors” Lauren B. Wagner provides a microanalysis of recorded marketplace interactions in Morocco between diasporic visitors from Europe and marketplace vendors. She takes this material to examine the multidimensional categories of familiarity and difference negotiated in such marketplace encounters.
• Vasiliki Baka explores how valuing devices and verification mechanisms such as user-generated content (UGC) websites partake in performing placeness. In the article “Understanding Valuing Devices in Tourism through ‘Place-making’” Baka suggests that earlier valuing devices have evoked place-making in various ways, the rise of UGC websites has converted the travel experience into a constant negotiation process whereby both the value of places and the value of valuing devices are contested.
• Finally, in “The Construction of Brand Denmark” Henrik Merkelsen and Rasmus Kjærgaard Rasmussen unpack the organizational effects of the valuation practices enacted by nation branding rankings in a contemporary case where the Danish government employed branding-inspired methods.

Valuation Studies is committed to foster valuable conversations in the new transdisciplinary and emerging field of valuation studies. Valuation here denotes any social practice where the value or values of something is established, assessed, negotiated, provoked, maintained, constructed and/or contested. The journal provides a space for the assessment and diffusion of research that is produced at the interface of a variety of approaches from several disciplines, including: sociology, economic sociology, science and technology studies, management and organisation studies, social and cultural anthropology, market studies, institutional perspectives in economics, accounting studies, cultural geography, philosophy, and literary studies. The first issues of Valuation Studies were published in 2013 and all previous issues are available here.

Valuation Studies is a proud member of the open access initiative Libraria that research cooperative alternatives in academic publishing. The publication of Valuation Studies is done with support from The Swedish Research Council. Valuation Studies is recognised as a scholarly publication channel in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.

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