Emotions and Valuations: Notre-Dame de Paris on Fire as a Case Study for Axiological Sociology


  • Nathalie Heinich




emotions, French sociology, Notre-Dame de Paris, pragmatism, valuations, value registers


The emotional reactions aroused by the fire that partly destroyed Notre-Dame de Paris in April 2019 can be analyzed as “valuations” in the light of the pragmatic sociology of values, since they provide empirically grounded material allowing for the description and modeling of the actual implementations and effects of valuations. After a quick summary of the recent history of the pragmatic turn in sociology as related to the sociology of valuation, and a short reflection on the relationship between emotions and values, the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris is used as a case study in the light of “axiological sociology”, a model built on value judgments observed in various contexts, including the display of emotions. This article intends to demonstrate both empirically and theoretically how important it is for the social sciences to consider values as an autonomous issue, deserving to be treated as “axiological facts”, as any other kind of social fact.



2021-04-29 — Updated on 2021-11-11


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Heinich, Nathalie. (2021) 2021. “Emotions and Valuations: Notre-Dame De Paris on Fire As a Case Study for Axiological Sociology”. Valuation Studies 8 (1):67-83. https://doi.org/10.3384/VS.2001-5992.2021.8.1.67-83.



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