Valuation Constellations

  • Désirée Waibel University of Bremen
  • Thorsten Peetz University of Bremen
  • Frank Meier University of Hamburg
Keywords: sociology of valuation, valuation constellations, linked valuations, positions, rules, infrastructures


The focus on situated practices in current valuation studies becomes an obstacle when situations are too narrowly defined, when moments of valuation are treated as isolated events and especially when the interconnectedness of moments across situations and social fields is neglected. In order to overcome these limitations, we propose the concept of valuation constellations (Meier et al. 2016). Based on the literature on valuation the concept distinguishes positions and their relations, rules, and infrastructures. We present these three components of constellations and demonstrate the potential of the concept regarding three analytical puzzles of valuation analysis: historical change of valuation processes, the definition and solution of valuation problems, and the legitimacy of valuations. Each of the puzzles is illustrated with an empirical case, i.e. dating platforms and apps, higher education, and amateur reviewing. Going beyond situationalism, the valuation constellations perspective is key to understanding interconnected valuation processes.

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Waibel, Désirée, Thorsten Peetz, and Frank Meier. 2021. “Valuation Constellations”. Valuation Studies 8 (1), 33-66.