Valuation Studies? Our Collective Two Cents


  • Hans Kjellberg Department of Marketing and Strategy, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • Alexandre Mallard Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole des Mines ParisTech, France



value as noun and verb, valuation processes, topicality of valuation, conceptual challenges, sites of valuation, research agenda


This article presents the results of a poll made among the members of the editorial and advisory boards of Valuation Studies. The purpose is to overview the topic that is the remit of the new journal. The poll focused on three questions:

  1. Why is the study of valuation topical?
  2. What specific issues related to valuation are the most pressing ones to explore?
  3. What sites and methods would be interesting for studying valuation?

The answers to these questions provided by sixteen board members form the basis of the article. Based on these answers, it identifies a number of themes concerning the study of valuation, elaborating on the rationale for attending to valuation, the conceptual challenges linked to this, and the specific issues and sites that deserve further attention.

Co-authors: Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Patrik Aspers, Stefan Beljean, Alexandra Bidet, Alberto Corsín, Emmanuel Didier, Marion Fourcade, Susi Geiger, Klaus Hoeyer, Michèle Lamont, Donald MacKenzie, Bill Maurer, Jan Mouritsen, Ebba Sjögren, Kjell Tryggestad, François Vatin, Steve Woolgar.




How to Cite

Kjellberg, Hans, and Alexandre Mallard. 2013. “Valuation Studies? Our Collective Two Cents”. Valuation Studies 1 (1):11-30.