Grappling with the Economy of Enrichment

  • Luc Boltanski EHESS, France
  • Arnaud Esquerre CNRS, France


In a conversation with Fabian Muniesa from the board of editors of Valuation Studies, Luc Boltanski and Arnaud Esquerre unravelled a few of the distinguishing features of their new work on the sociology of valuation. Combining an updated view on the pragmatics of justification and a more recent preoccupation with the problem of prices, their proposal appears as both a suitable contribution and a timely challenge to current threads in valuation studies. It also interacts in a stimulating fashion with their concomitant analysis of the political atmosphere in France, and more widely of the shift to identity that so vividly informs the critique of capitalism today.
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Boltanski, Luc, and Arnaud Esquerre. 2015. “Grappling With the Economy of Enrichment”. Valuation Studies 3 (1), 75-83.