Classification Situations

A New Field of Research for Valuation Studies?


  • Julian Jürgenmeyer Department of Sociology, Columbia University, USA
  • Karoline Krenn Universität Luzern, Switzerland



Classification, sociology of algorithms, big data, credit scoring, stratification


This conference note adds to recent discussions about the sociological implications of the spread of digital techniques for classifying market actors, specifically with regard to processes of social stratification. We first present some of the contributions to the conference “Classification Situations in Markets” and then discuss their implications for future research in general and the field of valuation studies in particular. We suggest three themes related to the conference that deserve further attention by students of valuation and related social processes: (a) the challenges posed by the rise of big data and algorithmic classifications to the study of classification and valuation; (b) the feedback loops of valuation regimes, in particular their consequences for conceptions of the self; and (c) the relation between classification situations and larger institutional settings, which implies a more explicitly comparative orientation.




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Jürgenmeyer, Julian, and Karoline Krenn. 2016. “Classification Situations: A New Field of Research for Valuation Studies?”. Valuation Studies 4 (2):177-89.



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